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Delio App

E-commerce & Marketplace mobile app with features for product sales, invoicing, and inventory.

Client Overview & Problem Statement

The client needed a mobile app where merchants could quickly create an online store to showcase and sell various products and services they offer.

Our Solution

We worked with the Delio team to deliver a UI designwebsite and mobile app with the following features:

  • List unlimited products
  • Sell variations of a product (colors, sizes, etc).
  • Share store link
  • Push notifications
  • Shipping setup
  • Marketing reports
  • Sales report
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Technical support

Demo Video​

How to test the app on your Android phone:

Before you can test the app:

  • You need an Android phone
  • Kindly request the login details to the app via WhatsApp, live chat (bottom right), or email

Steps below:

Step 1: Click here to download the APK file

Step 2: Once the link above loads, download the app on your phone and install. (You might need to enable the “Install of third-party apps without the Google Play Store” option in your settings)

Step 3: Once installed, kindly use the credentials shared with you to login and begin the test. 

Thank you.

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