Your website is an essential tool that allows you to tell your story, while also showcasing what makes you unique. Using your brand identity and a careful crafted data collection process, we develop a website/app that is in sync with your current brand’s mission and also in alignment with your future plans and goals.


We follow global industry standards in developing and launching our websites and apps. We work with startups, small businesses, mid-enterprise brands and other development companies to deliver the following:
– Backend dashboards
– Coupon system
– Payment solutions
– Sell physical & digital products
– Location based sales
– Shop managers
– Product reviews
– Product management
– Order management
– Inventory management
– Delivery/shipping solutions
– Billing/Accounting/Tax
– Product ratings


Tech partner for startups, investors and enterprises.

“Beetcore is one of the most impressive web development agencies we have worked with. Our entire team was impressed with their professionalism and the quality of their service.”

BeeTcore Digital Product Design & Development Agency | Lagos Nigeria | Client | David Adewoye - Hacey

David Adewoye

Lead IT at

“Your CSR 😍, Very Understanding and Responsive. Going out of your way to break down info and provide the best quality service.”

BeeTcore Digital Product Design & Development Agency | Client | Lagos Nigeria | Light Jachike

Light Jachike

CEO at

“BeeTcore has provided us amazing service! This has been the best experience working with a web developer that I’ve had!”

BeeTcore Digital Product Design & Development Agency | Lagos Nigeria | Client Logo | Philanthropy Circuit

Philanthropy Circuit

Project Admin at

“One word for BeeTcore is AMAZINGGGG!!! Their service is top-notch, and they are willing to give you the best… A global standard site!!!”

BeeTcore Digital Product Design & Development Agency | Portfolio | Client | Lagos Nigeria | Vera Alex

Vera Alex

CEO, Lead Coach at

“Besides being professional and all that, they have a handle on customer relations, and that for me is everything. Their delivery on promise is great too and communicate excellently.”

BeeTcore Digital Product Design & Development Agency | Client | Lagos Nigeria | Seyi Oniyide

Seyi Oniyide

Startup/Transformational Coach at

“Excellent customer experience and top-notch quality service delivery. The BeetCore Team went and is still going overboard with my project. Their After – sales delivery is better experienced than described. Thank you Beetcore for an exceptional website/course site/ e-course site design💥💥 I will most definitely rate the Beetcore Team 1,000% !!!”

BeeTcore Digital Product Design & Development Agency | Client | Lagos Nigeria | Toyin Banjo

Toyin Banjo

CEO at

“Professional and customer relations is great. I would prefer to work with them always because of the way they walk and work customer through is phenomenal.”

BeeTcore Digital Product Design & Development Agency | Lagos Nigeria | Client | Oluseyi Olufikayo

Oluseyi Olufikayo

CEO at


“Helpful, attentive and professional. Great Customer Service, Good Portfolio and Great Price.”

BeeTcore Digital Product Design & Development Agency | Lagos Nigeria | Client | Chef Ojo

Chef Derin Ojo

Head Chef at


Step 1: Discovery
We have a careful crafted data collection process to ensure essential information about your brand is collected.
Step 2: Audit
Step 3: Website structure
Step 4: Design concept and layout design
Step 5: Visual design
Step 6: Web development
Step 7: Third-party integrations
Step 8: Testing
Step 9: Review
Step 10: Launch (and maintenance)

Yes we do! We highly recommend hiring us for your maintenance work. This enables you focus on running your business, while we handle all the ‘tech stuff’ like bug fixes, product uploads, order management, inventory records, upgrades, routine security checks ,etc. We offer monthly to yearly website maintenance packages for all websites. Read more on our Website Maintenance Solutions

We provide both web design and web development. We provide UI Design as a service also. With a UI Design, you can see the graphical outcome of your website or app before we go into development phase.

We provide Web Development Solutions, Website Maintenance Solutions, domain name registration, cloud SSD host, free CDN & SSL, technical support, mobile & search engine optimization, website firewall, website backup, online payment processing, Google Maps integration, company/business emails, website blog setup, website chat, web anti-malware & antivirus, content management system, Google Analytics, social media integration, newsletter (lead generation) and website tutorials. We discuss these services before starting your project.

We provide a host of maintenance services, including product upload and management, blog article publishing and management, order, chat and comment management, website upgrades and other technical fixes. To view our packages and other maintenance solution, click here