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Why do we need a website for our wedding?

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So we get asked, “Why do we need a website for our wedding?”

The primary purpose of a wedding website is to give your guests a central hub where they find information about your big day.
Here are some reasons why you need a wedding website & what it should include:

  1. Save on Printing Costs: Having invites printed can be expensive. Ever considered directing everyone to your site? You’ll save money and time.
  2. RSVP: We’ve all been guests, and sometimes Tope or Amaka or Bolanle or Chinedu or Gabriel might forget to add our names to the list, even after calling them multiple times… Then we get there and ‘Food no reach’ … or ‘sit no de’. We understand. With a website, your guests fill a simple form where they tick the meals they want, clearly state their +1s and more. You then know the total guests coming.
  3. Easy Registry Access: Although not popular in Nigeria but Wawu. As a couple, you can create a list of all the gifts/items you want and place a fee there. Guests can then order them online and the gifts get sent to your address or venue address. If you put 2 kettles there, once bought, no one can buy again, they pick something else. We’ve seen a bed for 200k; kettle for 25k; car for $$$; It’s your list pls. Enjoy! No one wants 5 kettles as a wedding gift.
  4. Communication: It’s easy to stay in contact with your guests. Offer guest book and RSVP sections. Ask guests to sign the book or enter their email addresses to be notified of site updates or changes. Then happily send one email instead of making 100 calls.
  5. “Where is the venue?” “Give me direction biko!” “Where una de?”: Your website can offer various guidance systems. Live navigation with Google Maps or any other map you like. Descriptive directions with pictures, and more.
  6. All those Last-Minute Plan Changes: Location change, theme color change, wedding date change, why call all guests? Just change the texts on the website and send them all an update on Email (or WhatsApp for the elderly).
  7. Online Guestbook: People come to wish you well here and write those long lovely messages.
  8. It’s Eco-Friendly: Let’s save our trees by using less paper.
  9. Customization: It’s your website, Yes we can make it the color of your day. This also helps people remember if it’s milo brown or cockroach light brown.
  10. Aso Ebi: Let them pay online for your Aso Ebi abeg. Payments can be received on your website. We use Paystack for this. Say NO to “I fit pay half” …
  11. Love love: Talk about each other, how you met, where you met, love at first sight or how he planned it from day one… it’s your site!
  12. Love Timeline: We can create a beautiful chart that goes like: “2012: the meeting”; “2014: the first kiss”; “2015: he proposed”…
  13. Avoid the whole “Is that her dad?” | “Does she have a brother?”: We can have a photo album on the website that tells them these things.
  14. Photo Album: Direct people to your website to get your pre-wedding pictures. NO funny picture surprise on your souvenirs. At the end of your wedding, you can post all the pictures there, then direct friends/family to go download what they want. Categorize them: “Traditional Pictures on a page”, “White Wedding”, etc. You may not even need photo album las las.
  15. Travel/Accommodation: Have friends coming in from the abroad?  You can have a special page where you put directions from the airport, recommend 2-5 or more hotels around the venue and even chilling spots for when they get in town. Even steps to order @ubernigeria or similar platform can enter.
  16. Your Vendors: Some of us don’t like vendors sharing business cards in events. Solution: Advertise them on your website for free. Win-Win don’t you think?

Your wedding website is a tool to help plan and organize your wedding events. It’s also the ‘fun hub’ for all the interactions between your wedding guests for the months leading up to your big day.
At this point, I’m sure you know we develop such a website. Send us a message and let’s plan yours today. You can also invite us and we send a representative

Have additional tips or questions, kindly leave a comment below.

Here’s a sample wedding website we recently launched:

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